My Magnum Opus which in Latin means, Great work, is a collection of my poetry to which I have written over the past decade. One of my greatest achievements, besides being a devoted Mother, is being a dedicated writer. Writing is my one of my greatest joys in my life and I hope that you will find my work enjoyable to your spirit and your soul. Embrace it, challenge your mind , and with it, do something intrinsic; have faith in yourself that you can do and be anything you want to be, with hard work and commitment to your particular goal, nothing is impossible for you.

My Mother told me several years ago, If God wants it to happen for you, He will make it happen. That rings so very true in my life and my experiences as a young woman and a Mother of a beautiful and radiant child, Elizabeth Paige McKoy. I grew up in the Washington-Metropolitan area and have one sibling, Edward McKoy who has been a positive influence in my life. My parents were Margaret Y. Mckoy and Thomas Hall McKoy III. I was raised in a loving and nurturing environment. My Mother had strong Christian virtues and raised me with high morals and values, which you will find in my writing. I have found that in my lifetime, that sometimes God has to break us down to rebuild us again, and He has done that with me a multitude of times. It is my experience that we lead by example, meaning, giving back part of what one has been given in one's life; it is imperative. I am not perfect, and I have made my share of mistakes, but I have hence learned that it is what you do with those mistakes that you make and how you grow from those mistakes that mold you into the person you become in life. Nothing in this world happens by mere chance alone, and we each have a purpose in our lives. What is your purpose? If you do not know, I would encourage you to find it, for within you, deep down inside you, is a rare gift that needs to be shared with the world. I challenge you to find out what your gift is, and when you do, do something positive with it and, move forward, not in fear, but in faith. My endeavor has just begun as a Poet, Novelist, and as a Children's Book Author. Today, I challenge you to begin to plant a few seeds and see what blooms for you in your life; you will soon thereafter have a magnificent garden.

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