Why waste hours, days, or even weeks learning a new putting stroke... when you can become a scoring machine with the one you've already got?
Ruthless Putting is the owner's manual that should have come with your putter. In it you'll learn the simple techniques you need in order to take strokes off your game. You'll learn these techniques and principles without any expensive training equipment. In fact, you'll find that you have the few materials necessary right there in your home! You'll learn things like:

* The 7 Basic Principles used by Aall good putters, both past and present, as gleaned from the works of Dave Pelz, Stan Utley, and Bobby Jones.
* The amazing single move that can instantly improve your putting ability. (And guess what? It's a move you already use everyday!)
* The classic swing-training technique that will give you consistent speed control on the greens.
* How to beat "the yips" without expensive training aids... and never be plagued by them ever again!

And much more! Ruthless Putting will help you take strokes off your game quickly and with a minimum of practice, Improve your game today!

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