Software engineering isn’t just about writing code. It’s about much much more than that. Rules for Software development presents the reader with a 360° view of what it takes to truly be a professional software engineer. In today’s software industry, being proficient in the development of code is the baseline of a software engineer role. The most prominent engineers are those who understand software principles and patterns and who also understand soft skills and communication.
This book will give you insight into
Why you need to say No How to work with multiple stakeholders Why micro-changes make a big impact What technical excellence is expected of you How to grow your own career
A handbook of career-changing advice and insightful real-world experience. - Dr. Jenny Munnelly, Senior Lecturer, Technological University Dublin

....a succinct guide that every software developer must read regardless of programming language or experience - Paul Flanagan, Principal Software Engineer, Danalto

....provides the reader with a road map to longevity and efficacy as a professional in the ever-changing tech industry landscape - Naomi Freeman, CTO Lingu invaluable book for IT professionals - Santiago García da Rosa, CTO, Nowports

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