Read this blistering exposé into history's most loathed body part.
Did you know amputated foreskins are sold to cosmetic companies for $100,000, or that circumcision was alleged to cure brain tumors? It also has a history of megalomania – doctors believed it would cure black men of their predisposition to be rapists, and the more children they circumcised, the higher they’d ascend to god.

Most parents circumcise their sons without giving it a second thought. They have no clue what the risks are because doctors never offer "informed consent" - the legal obligation to educate patients on the risks and alleged benefits of any procedure so they understand what's being asked of them.

Circumcision facts doctors never tell parents:

· Circumcision can permanently change your son’s temperament.

· Circumcision reduces penis sensitivity and causes erectile dysfunction.

· Circumcision can result in amputation, disfigurement, or death.

· Your newborn son will be given an erection to facilitate the procedure.

· Circumcision has no genuine health benefits.

· America has one of the highest HIV rates in the world despite circumcision.

Your body your choice - His body your preference?

Jay J. Jackson offers an unflinching glimpse into the debilitating mindset of circumcision related sexual trauma - the same debilitating mindset experienced by all victims of sexual violence. He details his personal experiences with foreskin restoration, medical abuse, and the shocking history behind how circumcision became commonplace in America.


After suffering an unrelated trauma at the age of 1, Jay experienced parallel memories that caused him to discern he'd been in two separate hospital settings as an infant, and his inability to reconcile these conflicting memories became the impetus behind his lifelong struggle.

As an adult, Jay sought treatment for erectile dysfunction only to be chased out of multiple doctor's offices that branded him immoral and perverse for suggesting circumcision is harmful. Abandoned by traditional medicine, Jay ultimately found a cosmetic surgeon willing to help and he endured 2 experimental surgeries to reverse the damage his circumcision caused.

In his 50’s, Jay suddenly realized his recurring nightmares were repressed memories of his neonatal circumcision, which became the impetus for writing this book.

“...a powerful and moving narrative of suffering and recuperation. This unflinching memoir could be a valuable resource for readers researching the negative effects of circumcision.” - BookLife Reviews

”Jackson’s honesty provides a new way of looking at a practice that is rarely discussed. In the end, this intriguing subject is not only brought to light, but also done so in an impassioned way.” - Kirkus Reviews


i) Preface

1) Introduction

2) How will your son learn he's been circumcised?

3) Early Restoration Techniques

4) Attack of the Urologists

5) Foreskin Restoration Surgery

6) Embracing Denial

7) Circumcising Our Imaginary Baby

8) The Final Stretch

9) Faux Foreskin

10) The Prepuce Police

11) How I Remembered My Neonatal Circumcision

12) An Apatheist in a Dogmatic World

13) Cult or Culture?

14) Christian American Doctors Hijack Circumcision

15) Foreskin Fascist

16) The Church of Medicine

17) Side Effects May Include

18) Modern Intactivism

- Footnotes

Author Bio: Jay J. Jackson is a freelance writer in Los Angeles and a member of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Jay is the caregiver for his husband of 30 years and hopes his story will inspire parents to prioritize protecting children over protecting religion.

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