e-artnow presents this meticulously edited collection, dedicated to all of those still mesmerized with the mystery an legacy of Ancient Egypt Culture.
Historical Books:
History of Ancient Egypt
Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
Literature of Ancient Egypt
Mythology of Ancient Egypt
Primary Sources of the Ancient Egyptian History:
The Book of the Dead
Papyrus of Ani
The Rosetta Stone
Hymn to the Nile
The Laments of Isis and Nephthys
Great Hymn to Aten
Hymn to Osiris-Sokar
The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep
The Victory of Ramses II Over the Khita
An Account of the Battle of Megiddo
Charm for the Protection of a Child
Stories and Poems of Ancient Egypt:
Tale of the Doomed Prince
The Magic Book
The Dialogue of a Misanthrope with His Own Soul
Ancient Egyptian Love Poems
The Egyptian Book of Herodotus

More by George Rawlinson, Arthur Gilman, Gaston Maspero, Agnes Sophia Griffith Johns, E. A. Wallis Budge & Lewis Spence