In this MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS SERIES of eBooks we will present you several simple activities that you can add to your daily routine in order to create multiple streams of income that will result in extra money for you and a good help to achieve your financial goals.

Our goal is to reveal to you new ways to make money so that you can create multiple income streams that require zero cost or minimal time investments and can bring you interesting revenues.

We don't make crazy promises to make you a millionaire, instead we will show you real ways to start developing multiple revenue streams that can make you live better and get more money on you wallet.

In the First eBook of the Multiple Income Streams Series, we will tell you about 10 companies that will pay you cash to test websites, a new and simple income method you can start using today!


Because this type of task:

- is a simple income method you can use to create new revenue streams
- requires a small amount of time
- lets you can earn cash when you are on the beach or at the coffee shop
- you can do it for several companies at the same time
- the tasks are easy to do
- the tasks are interesting
- you are already qualified
- you will earn extra money
- you will also help to make better online experience
- you will feel your opinion matters


User feedback is becoming a major component of every website or app evolution and services have come up to make those tasks easier and faster. These companies hire people like you to get feedback from regular users about different options for interface designs, new logos, layouts, icon styles, etc.

Working for these companies requires a small amount of time and you can earn cash when you are on the beach or at the coffee shop in just a few minutes time.
And you can do this tasks for several companies at the same time, to maximize your time and increase revenue.

These tasks are easy to do, you are already qualified and are also interesting. You will feel you are not only earning some extra money but also helping to make a better Internet and that your opinion matters - sound like a smart way to earn more money, yes?

It's a simple new revenue stream for you that requires no investment, minimal time and can bring you more dollars every month. A real way to make money at home or to work from wherever you are. 
Ready to start developing a sideline?

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