This is your ebook shaped nutshell to preparing for and running your first half-marathon. Packed into this nutshell are the cornerstones of distance running training, just the bits you need to know; from the right foods that will boost your endurance to the right running body posture for maximizing your mileage to quick tips and what to expect from the your big day.

What with all the free and easily accessible content online it can kind of seem a little redundant to be using a book. But here are a couple of benefits. All the information you need to know is in one place. In a sense the content of a website is in one place, it's just it's one gigantic place. It can be a nightmare finding just the information aimed at you. If you want to know why you're feeling lower back pain you'll probably come across 50 articles of slight variation on what that might be; variously titled: 'overpronation causes lower back pain', 'how to use lunges to prevent lower back pain', 'correct your poor balance to prevent lower back pain' etc etc, my oh my, where do I start? you ask yourself. Especially if you're a beginner, this information can be overwhelming. Instead this handy dandy guide keeps the salient information for people new or relatively new to the half-marathon game in a single place. Secondly, once you've read through the handbook once, you can then easily skip to the information you need to know about just at the moment you need it. You're about to hit the tarmac or trail but know you should warm up before hand, well just jump to Chapter 2: Running - The Bit You've Come Here For, scroll to Don't Forget Me - I'm the Warm-up and bust out an aerobic warm up and a dynamic stretch, following the step-by-step lists and in a few minutes you've got yourself in the right condition for running.

The author's been on the same journey you're probably looking to take, starting out with a big ambition but equipped with very little knowledge of how to fulfil it. From going through the rigours of curating the need to know information and learning some things the hard way, here's a book that aims to be an easy to read, all killer, no filler guide.

Pick up a copy, transform your training or learn how to get started and feel free to get in contact if you need any help.

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